50, 60....or 100%?

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Over the years, one of my biggest passions has become to learn everything there is to know about how to create amazing change in my life and the life of others. You could say that I am quite obsessed with it:-) How do we achieve the things we desire, how do we live a life that’s not 50% or 60% or 70% satisfying, but 100%?

The old dogma, “just work hard and it’ll happen”, seems to be very incomplete. I and many others I know and observe have done just that, worked as hard as they could, but only very few experienced lasting, satisfying results. How come? Isn’t hard work enough?

The answer, plain and simple, is NO! But work, even intense work (I simply don’t like the word “hard”) is absolutely necessary. When we want to change something in our lives, or even most or all of it, we have to first change our minds. Whether we want to eat healthy, create a body we feel good about, live love, have abundance, climb Mt. Everest or heal ourselves, we cannot create and do any of those things with the same mindset we started out with.

More to the point, we have to change what we believe. A belief is a thought, that we have thought over and over again, until it is deeply engraved into our subconscious mind and our body. The belief is what kicks in, whenever something unexpected happens or when we are not paying attention, when we are living on autopilot which, surprisingly enough, is most of the time.

Most of us don’t exactly know what we believe, but we act on it all the time. While our conscious mind says, “I want to be fit and healthy”, our subconscious mind makes us pull into the Wendy’s Drive-through, because we have beliefs that are stronger than our current thoughts.

So, how do we change beliefs? Well, I’ve been studying and doing this for years and I truly believe (no pun intended) that the first step is to create new habits and rituals. Do things differently, get up at a different time, make new morning rituals, dress in a different order and take a different route to work. This is important to get out of autopilot and become conscious and aware again. More importantly, treat yourself kindly, think positive thoughts about yourself. Just imagine that you are already healthy, fit, abundant, loved, a writer, traveling the world, healing people or whatever it is that you desire. When you imagine yourself already doing or being that, it’s so easy to think beautiful and grateful thoughts about yourself.

The new habits and rituals will bring a lot of new energy into your life. One practice, that I believe is THE most important, is meditation. If the word meditation bothers you, call it soul time, prayer, universe surfing or whatever you like. But nothing, virtually nothing, has helped me more to transform my life than meditation. Everyone I know who practices it, says the same. The benefits are so abundant, that even scientists struggle to truly understand the impact it has.

I have been dedicating the first hour in the morning and the last hour of my day to meditation and it is chaining my life more and more and more. Inner peace, clarity, love, health, more energy, and a sense of purpose are only a few of the qualities that have been highly elevated. Out of every tool, technique, teaching and practice I have tried, meditation is the one that is the most impactful. It requires no special equipment, money or space. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime and its effects are truly limitless.

If you truly want to change your life, change your beliefs and live the life you’ve been dreaming of, dedicate yourself to this practice in the way that feels best to you. With the Internet and Yoga & Meditation teachers almost everywhere, it is easier than ever to begin or expand your journey.

Please let me know if you have any questions or experience with meditation? Are you practicing it already? Do you want to start? Can I help? Feel free to comment or send me a message!

Jean Nolan is a Country Artist, Songwriter and Inspirator living in Nashville, Tennessee. Listen to Jean's latest single 'Wise Man' and connect with him on Social Media! He loves connecting with his MIP's - his most important people...hint; that's YOU! #change #believe #meditation #success #happiness #freedom #abundance #love #joy

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