Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Welcome! This is pretty old school...blogging, I mean. So I don't want to call it a blog, it's more like a diary. If you like reading other people's diaries - and honestly, who doesn't - I invite you to read mine here without the guilt. You're not invading my privacy, I'm openly sharing this with you. Maybe not daily, but whenever I feel like hop on, join the journey! Ever since I was a little boy, people described me as adventurous, curious and energetic. Another thing that I remember hearing a lot was, "he's a thinker." I didn't know exactly what that meant, because I was under the impression that everyone is thinking...and truth be told, they are. However, most people, including me, think in patterns. We have habitual ways of thinking and how we evaluate things and how we react. Sounds boring, right? But honestly, we are not thinking as many new thoughts as we think we do, we are actually thinking the same thoughts over and over again...and wonder why we have a hard time moving on sometimes. Well, I've been thinking about this (pun intended) and here is what I came up with - we are all here to be happy, healthy, prosperous beings and live inspired lives with beautiful relationships. This is not wishful thinking, I wholeheartedly believe this is our most natural state. If we fall short in one or more categories, it should be our prime focus to adjust and change our ways of thinking and living until we find ourselves in that natural state again.

But if our brains and thinking patterns have been programmed by our parents, our surroundings and our teachers since day one, how do we change? InSpiraTion. Observing myself, I found out that I can only change when I am truly, 100%, prime time inspired. Not motivated, not forced, not pushed...INSPIRED. To me, it means that I am letting spirit in. I am allowing for that universal, all encompassing power to fully consume me, to act and speak through me. Some people call it the Universe, others call it God or I AM or Intuition. But the name doesn't really matter. It is that pure, clear voice inside of us, that guides as and never fails to provide answers...if we listen. Just like with any other conversation, in order for us to be able to truly listen to someone or something, we have to become quiet. Not just shutting up, but actually not thinking, or at least letting our thoughts drive by like cars on the interstate, not hanging on to them. In this particular state, the mind starts becoming more and more quiet and eventually you'll find yourself feeling very peaceful. That's when INSPIRED thoughts start coming up, vivid images are appearing on the inner screen of your mind accompanied by affirming feelings. Actually, in theory, it's quite easy to do, because you don't have to do anything. Find a quiet space, sit down and do NOTHING. However, In a world where we literally do something every waking minute of the day, doing NOTHING can be pretty challenging. What I am saying here is, that if we are not happy with an area of our life, we have not been listening to that voice, to God, to the the I AM. And what could possibly be more important, more fulfilling, more exhilarating than listening to that??? I find it's easiest to do in meditation. There are literally a million ways to do it and I encourage you to find the way that works best for you. By the way, meditation is not a practice specifically connected to one religion, it is a practice used in all religions and that's why I prefer calling it a spiritual practice. The more quiet we become, the more we are going to hear and feel...and the feeling part is really what it's all about. All the answers are there. Guaranteed. Someone new to the practice of meditation (and living a very busy lifestyle) asked me how long they should meditate for each day. I remembered the quote by the Dalai Lama and answered, "if you are busy, start with 30 minutes a day. If you have no time at all, meditate for one hour daily." I called this diary entry InSpiraTion because it is what moves me, what thinks me, what lives me. Being INSPIRED, means being in spirit and spirit being in you. It is a life long practice and it's not a destination, it's a journey...the most beautiful journey you can ever find yourself on! Jean Nolan is a Country Artist, Songwriter and Inspirator living in Nashville, Tennessee. Listen to Jean's latest single 'Wise Man' and connect with him on Social Media! He loves connecting with his MIP's - his most important people...hint; that's YOU!

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