Miracles happen every day...

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Forrest Gump’s mama always said, “Miracles happen every day.” I wholeheartedly believe she was right. Granted, most of the time we don’t see the “little” miracles, or even the bigger ones, we’re too caught up in our own business.

But then there are the ones that we can’t miss, the ones the blow our minds and make us feel like a Billion Dollars.

Writing this, I’m thinking about all the beautiful, wonderful synchronistic events (miracles) that happened to me.

This one time years ago, for example, we were looking for a house to rent. Our situation was quite specific as we were waiting on our paperwork to get ready for our move to the US. We needed to be flexible and wanted something on a month-to-month basis, out in the country with a piece of land, a well and access to walking trails and woods…and close to our favorite lake. Every realtor we called told us what we were looking for did not exist and especially not in the current market. If there were any houses for rent at all, they were all long-term leases and none of them met our criteria. We were starting to get nervous as we had only little time left in our current house, and there was still nothing on the horizon.

I told our friend about the situation and she suggested to do a ‘Matrix Intervention’, which in less fancier terms meant to visualize exactly what we wanted as if it had already happened. I agreed to do it her way and she said that at 5pm that day, I should find a quiet spot in our current house, relax and just visualize my family living in a house that offered exactly what we wanted. She would help with the 'Matrix Intervention.

At around 5:45 she gave me a call and asked what I had seen. I told her that I indeed had seen a very clear image and that I had never seen anything so clear in my visualizations before. The house we were going to move into very soon was at the end of a gravel road, surrounded by tall grass…AND it was a log house, which Kristin and I had always wanted to live in. The images I had seen were so vivid and felt so real, that I had no doubt in my mind that this was the house and that we would find it...or it would find us.

Meanwhile, Kristin kept doing online searches and for her peace of mind, we kept driving around neighborhoods we liked, looking for ‘For Rent’ signs. Mind you, she was not the one who experienced the vision, so my constant assurances that I had already seen our house and that it would show up in time, didn’t help much. I was so sure of what I had seen, I was completely calm. To me it was a done deal, a fact.

Five days before we had to move out of our current house, Kristin received a call form a friend. She asked if we were still looking for a house to rent, as her neighbor just informed her that his house was up for lease as of right now. Kristin called the man right away and explained what were looking for. He said that he wanted short-term as well and that we could come look at the house. While he couldn’t be there personally, he told us where he left the key.

Kristin and I immediately jumped into the car and drove to the address he gave us. On the map I could see it was only 2 or 3 minutes from the lake. When we pulled off the main road, my heart started beating a little faster. We were on a gravel road surrounded by beautiful trees and woods. We took a right turn and there it was - a magnificent log house and tall, uncut grass all around it. Log houses were so extremely rare in that part of the country. It was exactly the house I had seen in my vision (and I had never been in that area before), and it felt so wonderful to see it all come full circle.

Needless to say, we leased the house on a monthly basis, enjoyed our well and the walking trails.

I needed to share this story with you today to remind myself of the power of visualizing from the end, seeing what you desire and dream of as if it had already shown up in your life, and feeling gratitude before it’s even visible…and then TRUST!

Love & Peace Jean Nolan is a Country Artist, Songwriter and Inspirator living in Nashville, Tennessee. Listen to Jean's latest single 'Wise Man' and connect with him on Social Media! He loves connecting with his MIP's - his most important people...hint; that's YOU!

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